Puppy Application

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Personal Information

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Street Address
Preferred Sex of Puppyplease pick one
Purpose of the Puppy?Show Dog Quality means that we believe the dog has the right look and movement to do well at dog shows. These are generally the best one or two puppies in a litter. You do not need to have any intention of showing the dog in order to order a Show Dog Quality puppy.

Family Information

Please list all family members living in the household and their ages. If they are working type of work
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If other pets, please list breed, sex, age and are they spayed or neutered:
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Current veterinarian and contact information:
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Describe home and yard, will puppy be living inside the home or outdoors?
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Is the backyard enclosed and is there shelter or cover?
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Please list breed of dogs, when you owned them and if you no longer have them, what happened to them?
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