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AKC Breeder of Merit CertificateIncredible Cane Corsos don’t just happen by accident; the true champions of the breed are purposely created by breeders who know the breed well. At Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso, we know that our duty is to bring forth some of the finest examples of the breed, so that’s what we strive to do. Our Cane Corso kennel has set the gold standard in what should be expected from a reliable breeder, which is why so many people seeking one of these dogs come to us. Our dogs have a genetic lineage that ensures they are born to be beautiful, strong and healthy, and capable of stepping into an arena and making the best impressions as Champions and Grand Champions.

Grand Champion Show Dogs from our Cane Corso Kennel

When you are working as a canine breeder of any breed, you may never see a single Grand Champion come from your breed lines. Therefore, it is quite rare for Cane Corso kennels to see more than one Grand Champion produced throughout their time of operation. Since we started working with the breed in 2003, our Cane Corso kennel has produced numerous Grand Champion dogs who have gained notoriety across the globe. Our dogs have won esteemed titles like:

  • CCAA Western Regional Best Of Breed
  • AKC GOLD Grand Champion
  • National Specialty Best Of Breed SACCI
  • Eukanuba National Invitational Best Of Breed 1st ever
  • #1 AKC Cane Corso
  • Regional Top Bitch W SACCI

When you obtain puppy from Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso, you know you are truly getting a prime living example of all the traits that make these dogs so beloved and admired. Get to know some of our Grand Champions that started their lives at Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso below.

Champion Dogs Produced by our Cane Corso Kennel

Not only has Red Rock Canyon produced a long list of Grand Champion Cane Corsos, but we have also had a number of dogs gain Champion titles as well. Red Rock Cane Corso kennel is widely recognized for a lot of reasons, but one of the reasons is that many of our puppies have earned champion designations at an early age. A few examples include:

  • Eat My Dust (aka Dusty) who was born in 2008 and won titles by 2009
  • Apollo who was born in 2005 and won titles by 2007
  • Logan Rocks who was born in 2016 and won titles by 2017

When you have a professional kennel that strives to ensure every dog is healthy and a prime example of the breed, winning just ends up in the blood of every new puppy that is born. We pride ourselves on ensuring we breed and raise champions, whether their success is measured by their loyalty and service to owners or by winning highly sought after champion and grand champion titles and designations. Take a look at our Champions below and reach out to us to find out more about our puppies, our kennel, or our prize-winning Cane Corsos.

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