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Majestic Cane Corso Puppies from AKC Gold Grand Champion Lineage Now at Red Rock Canyon! 🐾

Dear Esteemed Cane Corso Admirers,

We are overjoyed to announce a pivotal milestone in our journey at Red Rock Canyon. On June 5th, 2023, a majestic new litter graced our family. But these are not ordinary puppies; they are the prodigious offspring of our very own Red Rock’s Logan, the youngest ever to be crowned Gold Grand Champion by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Each of these puppies, a testament to Logan’s historic lineage, exudes the robust strength, swift intelligence, and regal elegance that have propelled their sire to his champion status. By embracing one of these extraordinary puppies, you are not merely adopting a pet; you are becoming a guardian of a prestigious legacy and a cherished part of the illustrious history of the Cane Corso breed.

At Red Rock Canyon, we uphold an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest breeding standards. We raise each puppy with the utmost care, fostering an environment of love and respect that prepares them to grow into the loyal, protective, and affectionate Cane Corsos that this breed is revered for.

This momentous occasion fills us with pride, and we are excited to share this joyous news with our esteemed community. We invite you to connect with us to discover more about this remarkable litter and explore the opportunity to welcome into your life not just a pet, but a majestic embodiment of the Cane Corso legacy.

Your journey with this noble breed awaits.

Award-Winning Cane Corso Breeder


Getting to Know the Breed | What to Expect from Cane Corso Puppies

Cane Corsos are an overall loyal, healthy breed, but there is much more to know about this incredible canine and how to achieve Cane Corso puppies that boast all of the noteworthy attributes the breed is most known to possess. At Red Rock Canyon, we use only the finest breeding pairs to ensure our Cane Corso puppies for sale have the best chance of having those famous qualities we all admire. There’s a short list of things we consider when choosing breeding pairs.

The Overall Health of the Sire and Dam

Choosing healthy breeding pairs is super important to achieve healthy Cane Corso puppiesThe American Kennel Club says that Cane Corsos are generally a healthy breed, and the best breeders check their dogs for things like idiopathic epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and eyelid abnormalities. We check each potential sire or dame for these issues before breeding, as well as making sure they have had cardiac tests, elbow examinations and hip strength evaluations.

The Intelligence & Temperament of the Cane Corso Sire, Dam, and Ancestors

Cane Corsos have a keen intelligence, an uncanny ability to read a situation, and are very loyal dogs. The psychological profile on the breed states:

“The Cane Corso will not hesitate to sacrifice its own life to protect its family.”

This is a Guardian Breed, but unlike most Guardian Breeds, the Cane Corso’s temperament is as a defensive guardian, known for reading the present owner and surroundings before reacting. It was once said the Cane Corso is strong enough to guard the Crown Jewels, yet gentle enough to babysit an infant because of their stable, docile temperament. Some of these dogs have a high prey drive, which is obviously best when breeding for working competitions and or fieldwork.

It’s of high importance when selecting breeding pairs for Cane Corso puppies to have not only stable parents but stable temperament ancestors also. We take great care to look at the lineage of any prospective stud or dam and stay away from dogs that come from lines that live their lives in kennels. This is a breed that should be at your side in the home to develop that amazing bond, keen intelligence, and deep understanding.

The Phenotype, Genotype, and Genetics of the Sire, Dam, and Ancestors

Cane Corso puppies for sale must have that beautiful, majestic stance and trademark appearance, so selecting the best parent dogs is a critical process. It all starts with the head, which stands as a mantel of the breed. It’s been said that Cane Corso dogs are not a “head breed,” but in reality, a nice headpiece is critical to the overall appearance.

Genotype and genetics are also a critical factor we consider to ensure we end up with a final result that boasts the proper fur colors, markings, ear shapes, and more. Structure and movement of the sire, dam, and ancestors come into play here as well. Correct muscular structure and physique have always been important with Cane Corsos so the dogs could endure the strenuous duties they were often assigned throughout history. They had to be able to be a guardian, vineyard dog, protector of the merchant during the day, and at night, they may have been called upon to hunt wild boar. Correct size and structure are mandatory for a true Cane Corso Italiano.

In 2017, we were the proud winner of the Cane Corso Association of America’s 2017 Puppy of the Year Award. As an award-winning Cane Corso breeder, we do our due diligence to ensure the best attributes of the breed are available in our puppies. At Red Rock Canyon, we do all we can, and the rest is up to God. Below are some of our current litters. If you’re interested in a puppy, please fill out a Puppy Application below. If all goes well, you’ll be blessed with a superior Cane Corso example to be your household guardian and loyal companion.

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