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Red Rock Cane Corso FamilyWe realize we are blessed to have had this noble breed touch our lives. Once we got our first Corso, Thor, our passion for this magnificent breed exploded. Since then, our family has grown to presently include six Corsos in our home and many more in several others. At Red Rock Canyon, our Corsos are raised with the ultimate care and boast first-rate health and temperaments. Our dogs are excellent examples of the breed! Our goal from the very beginning was to acquire breed only the very best and have just one or two litters a year; that is why we became a Cane Corso breeder. Now, our Corsos have excelled in conformation show arenas and working events alike. Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso is known throughout the Corso world for producing top dogs. In our breeding program, we strive to produce superbly balanced and beautiful dogs that possess extreme performance capabilities accompanied by excellent temperament, health, and conformation. Red Rock Canyon Cane Corso takes pride in producing dogs that are far from ordinary—indeed, our Cane Corsos are extraordinary! We have been working with the breed since 2003, and I must say it has truly been a wild ride, thanks to our fantastic dogs. Our foundation stud, Apollo, passed in March 2016 at 10 years and 7 months of age. He was a magnificent male, standing 27-1/2″ and 142 lbs, his graceful movement unmatched. His blood is in so many of the finest Corsos in the world that he will live on forever in this wonderful breed.
We are located in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area just outside Las Vegas, Nevada, and in Southern Oregon for part of the year. Our dogs have truly enriched and forever changed not only our lives but also the lives of many others! We only produce a highly limited number of litters, so if you are interested in one of our puppies, we encourage you to fill out an application early. We hope you enjoy our site and come back soon.


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  • Some of Our Achievements

    2018 CCAA Western Regional Best Of Breed

    2017 CCAA Puppy Of The Year

    2017 Reproduction Champion CCAA

    2015 Reproduction Champion CCAA

    2015 Regional Top Bitch SW SACCI

    2014 #1 AKC CANE CORSO

    2014 AKC GOLD Grand Champion




    2014 Regional Top Dog SW SACCI

    2014 Regional Top Bitch NW SACCI

    2014 Regional Top Bitch SW SACCI

    2013 Regional Top Dog W SACCI

    2012 Regional Top Dog W SACCI

    2012 National Specialty Best Of Breed SACCI

    2011 Bitch Of The Year SACCI

    2011 Regional Top Dog W SACCI

    2010 National Specialty Best Of Breed CCAA

    2010 Eukanuba Best Opposite Sex

    2010 Puppy Bitch Of The Year SACCI

    2010 Regional Top Dog West

    2010 Regional Top Dog NE

    2010 Regional Top Bitch W SACCI

    2010 REPRODUCTIVE Champion SACCI~1st ever


    2009 Eukanuba National Invitational Best Of Breed 1st ever


    2007 #1 DOG OF THE YEAR ARBA

  • AKC Breeder of Merit

    AKC Breeder of Merit BadgeThe AKC will honor a responsible breeder as a Breeder of Merit who has not only gone above and beyond on health issues, temperment and genetic screening but also to the individual care and placement of puppies into responsible homes.
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